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My goal is to help you find and understand the insurance and investment product that will suit your needs. Often when people talk about insurance products and investments, they wonder:

• Do I really need it?
• Am I too young or too old to take it?
• Do I have too much or not enough?
• Which product should I choose?
• Am I insurable? • Can I afford it?

Well, what I do … I help people answer these questions and concerns by doing a needs analysis and asking specific questions. Which will assist me in finding the right product, adapted to your situation, while respecting your budget.

Permanent Insurance
Temporary Insurance
Universal Insurance

I have all the products available to cover your life insurance needs, whether it is for personal or family needs, to cover a mortgage or a personal loan, etc. I can help you make the right choice from a range of solutions.

Disability Insurance
Income Insurance
Critical Illness Insurance
Health Insurance (dental fees, medication, optical, massage therapist, etc.)

I offer several insurance products that protect you in case of an accident or illness. The protection can cover single, couple or family needs, mortgage, personal loan, etc. I can help you make the right choice from a range of solutions.

If you are having difficulty to insuring a family member or yourself because of health problems or medical history?
If your child has autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or childhood disease?
Or even
If you or someone in your family does not want to undergo medical examinations (urine and blood test, etc.) in order to buy life insurance?
I have insurance products that meet these specific needs. I can help you make the right choice from a range of solutions.

Caring for the safety of the people in my community and their loved ones, I have in hand insurance products adapted for newcomers to Canada and their family. Whether you have your Canadian citizenship or not, you can receive life insurance coverage, regardless of your state of health. Contact me for more details

Disability insurance
Overhead expense insurance
Loan protection insurance
Insurance to cover the taxes at death and to create equity
Key person insurance
Insurance to cover a purchase or redemption of a deceased shareholder agreement.

It’s nice to have a business. Being your own boss gives a sense of freedom and belonging.
It is also important to protect the valuable assets that you’ve worked so hard to build. Insurance can be purchased and used by a company to resolve various problems that may arise upon the death or disability of the owner or shareholder. Such as the payment of business debts, support of the capital required for the business operation, the redemption of the shares of a deceased shareholder or to cover the company key person. I can help you make the right choice from a range of solutions.

Benefits play an important part in the survival and the good functioning of a company. Among my insurance group suppliers, I am able to provide employers and their employees a health plan at the height of their expectation. It will be adapted to their business type and built according to the request…while providing irreproachable customer services.

Registered Retirement Saving Plan (RRSP)
Registered Education Saving Plan (RESP)
Tax-Free Saving Account (TFSA)
Group Annuity

Saving money is more and more part of our daily lives. Among a range of investment products. I can help you choose the one that will help you reach your financial goal.


Having won the respect and trust of my suppliers, I am able to choose the insurance and investment product adapted to each situation and budget from among the best companies in Canada.


Contact me for a free no-obligation quote.


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